Thursday, 31 May 2012

Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Love

So I love sweet potato, and I love peanut butter ... but together?

If this sounds kinda off to you, trust me, I've been there.  I saw this combination on MULTIPLE food blogs, and the mix just seemed kinda off to me.  Well I decided a few nights ago to give it a try and OMG.  Words cannot explain how near and dear these things are to me now.

I have eaten this as a pre bed snack EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since I tried it. And I ain't planning on stopping any time soon ;)

All I do is roast up sweet potato in the oven (I do a big batch at once) and then top it with creamy dreamy PB and sea salt and voila! There you have it.  The worst looking best tasting snack around.

I'm sorry it's half eaten and unappetizing looking.  But trust me it's yummy.

Selfie with the potato heaven.

I just can't get enough.
Please try it if you haven't! I promise it won't dissapoint ;)
I just found this background for my Iphone I just think it's too adorable. It looks like it has a little cinnamon bun on the top of it's head.
As for workouts, I generally go for walks (uphill) in the morning on weekdays, and I run on the weekends.  But yesterday morning, I decided to switch it up and go for a run. I feel as though when I run back to back my knees/ankles seem to act up, so I'm hoping to run twice a week for now, one time during the week, and one time on weekends? This may change since I am pretty undecisive.

One thing I do tend to stick to is working out in the mornings.  For me, my days just seem to be more on task if I start out the day with a workout. 

Way to happy to be awake at 6 am. Nvm the laptop, I left it upstairs and had to take it downstairs, and put it down just to take the photo. 

That's all for now, back to studying biology :/

Quesiton of the day:
Do you guys prefer working out in the mornings or the afternoon?


  1. WOW I'm going to need to try that sweet potato/PB combo. It sounds weirdly delicious....

    1. Oh it's so yummy (i've eaten it almost every night since I discovered it)! For sure try it :)