Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Highlighting Galore

This is what my days look like as of right now .....

I love highlighters in case you can't tell ;)

No ice in the freezer = improvizing
And yes I know Coke Zero is HORRIBLE for me but I need the caffeine ;) Excuses excuses ...

Sleeping .. well not actually this is just me pretending to sleep ;)

Grapes = lots of glucose = braaain food

Sweet tata + PB How come I never tried this before now? Thanks to Courtney's blog, now I know about this wonder.

I know I know ... don't be too jealous of my awesome schedule. 

My motto untill the end of June ;)
I just feel so stressed out lately! To cope, I try to wake up at the crack of dawn to go on morning walks.  It's funny how something like that, which sounds stressful, actually destresses me.  Fresh air + exercise = happy Amy. 

What  do you guys do to destress? I could definitely use the tips right now!

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