Thursday, 24 May 2012

Healthy Starbucks Drink Options?

  I was in denial at first, but I can only ignore headaches and crankiness for so long ...

Hi, my name is Amy, and I have a coffee addiction.

Acceptance feels good. 

I blame my crazy hectic schedule, filled with work/clubs/school/homework/exercise/etc.  Really, I can't be blamed ;)

So how do I beat the addiction?

I don't. I just get Starbucks to feed it. And in return, I give Starbucks half my pay check every month (I am officially a gold member** now ... not sure whether to be proud or embarrased)

**Did anyone else think of Austin Powers?

Am I the only person who thinks the Starbucks app for the Iphone is pretty much the coolest thing ever? When you touch the button on the screen, it turns the card around so it has a barcode, and you just scan the barcode to pay. *jaw drops*

So what exactly do I order at starbucks?

Well I have 3 little rules that I always try to follow to keep my order healthy(ier)....

1) Always get your drink with H20.  Caffeine only dehydrates you, so by getting the water, I figure that I'm kind of balancing that effect.  Plus when you aren't dying of thirst, you are less likely to slurp your drink down in 10 seconds flat. 

2) Skip the whip.  I know it's deeeelicious, but it's so calorie dense (and not the good kinda calories).  If you're like me and are at Starbucks over 3 times a week, you can't afford to get whip everytime.  I will get it once in a while, but I make sure to treat the drink more like dessert if I do.

3) Simple is better.  All of the crazy flavors they have are inticing, but they tend to contain a tonne of weird additives.  By sticking to a plain tea or coffee, you cut down on all the hidden sugar/fat.  You can always add a few extras at the milk/sugar bar yourself, that way you know exactly what is going into your drink. 

Want to try something new? Grab one of the prepackaged all fruit smoothies and ask them to blend it up for you with ice! I saw a lady do that the other day with the green juice, and I was gob smacked! It's amazing what you learn when you spends hours on end there ;) Did anyone else know you can do that?

Working on my Prezi for English class.  We have to show all the ways in which Hamlet connects to everyday life.  Yeah, my English teacher kind of rocks when it comes to assignment ideas.  So far I have related it to Lizzie Mcguire, Friends, and the song "I'm Sexy and I know it"!

I got a paper cut today jkdofjngs! Paper cuts are definitely one of my biggest phobias.  They sting SO BAD! Yes, I am a baby. 

Haha I was trying to take a photo of myself at Starbucks without looking like I was tryin to take a photo.  *Sigh* I really suck at it.  Note to self: turn camera clicker off when trying to be conspicious!

These little guys pretty much sum up how I feel without coffee! The little guy on the top left is a foster dog, and, to my dismay, he is going to his new owners house on Wednesday.  We had him for 5 months, and because he is blind/has a heart murmur/old, we expected no one would take him, but I guess he is just too cute to pass up.  So bittersweet

My little question of the night ...
Do any of you guys have weird phobias?  If so what are they?

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