Monday, 28 May 2012

3 Tips to Studying Success

I have 3 more weeks until it all [high school] ends.  Am I ready? Heck ya! Can't wait to start studying nutrition in the fall.  Buut right now I am studying like a beast. 

Yes, I would like to imagine that I ate a big bowl of sexy this morning, but the reality is, this, like most days right now, is a ponytail, makeup free, baggy sweater kind of day. Spent at starbucks .. of course!

Apologies for the scary face meets Dr. Evil thing I've got going on there.

As for studying, I have 3 tips that can hopefully help you all who are still stuck in school. 

1) Highlighters!   Not only do they make your notes prettier, but they also help me out for remembering certain things.  I use mine for grouping things together.  Below is a picture from my bio book (please ignore the fact that I am learning about testicles ... teehee).  This is NOTHING for me when it comes to highlighting, generally the whole page is highlighted.  I have a problem. 

2) Find a space you can learn.  Personally, I stay after school when it's quieter to really buckle down.  I'm already in studious mode since I'm at school, plus when I get home I can relax a little.  Also, Starbucks works for me.  Again, just a place with little distractions for me.

3) Predict what questions will be asked on a test, and try to answer them.  For almost all classes, you can search online for previous tests/exams.  It helps me a tonne!

Anyways, I should probably get back to studying.  I am a heuuge procraastinater (that's why I didn't mention it in the tips!) 

Question of the Night:
Do you guys have any studying tips to help me out? I'm guessing college is only going to get tougher!

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